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Tumour in the spine can arise in the spinal cord, covering of spinal cord, nerves or bone. Our team has a huge experience in managing all types of tumours to enable and provide quality life. All spine tumour cases are routinely reviewed with oncologist to determine the best treatment options for each patient. The close collaboration between neuro spine surgeons, orthopaedic spine surgeons, and oncologists improves outcome.

Extradural 50% of all spinal tumors

Osteoid osteoma
Giant Cell tumor

Intradural – extramedullary 40% of all spinal tumors

Nerve sheath tumors Schwannoma Neurofibroma

Intradural – intramedullary 10% of all spinal tumors

Treatment options
Open procedure
Minimally Invasive Procedures
Tumour Reconstruction
Non-Surgical – Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Dr Balamurali, the best spine neurosurgeon in India, offers treatment for all primary and metastatic tumours from the skull base to the sacrum. Our neuro surgeons has vast experience in operating simple to complex spinal cord tumour through small 22 mm tubes for excellent results and speedy recovery.

Procedures Performed For Spinal Tumour Treatment
Minimally invasive tumour excision
Corpectomy and tumour reconstruction
Image guided tumour  surgery
Peripheral nerve tumours
Percutaneous biopsy
Stereotactic radiosurgery
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From Spinal Tumour

Don’t let spinal tumour belittle you! We are here to offer expert assistance and quality life. If life throws stones at you, smile back and win over it!
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Dr. G. Balamurali is one of the leading spine surgeons in Chennai, India. He is internationally trained in all niche aspects of Spine Surgery. He has over 26 years of surgical experience in this field.
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