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What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

You might be wondering why you have Back Pain and are subjected to this level of discomfort when you have been taking care of yourself well.

About thirty-one million people suffer from chronic back pain and about fifty percent of them report their discomfort annually to their doctors. So, what exactly causes chronic Back and what can you do about it?

Here is the simple explanation from best neurosurgeon in Chennai about Chronic back pain. Chronic Back Pain is characterized by a sharp and lingering sensation of pain usually in the area starting at the back of your neck, down the spinal column and at the lower back for a duration of more than 3 months the pain may be intermittent or continuous.

Analgesic medication just does not work for you anymore and so you are forced to investigate the real reason behind your Chronic Back Pain.

This can be explained generally by three major factors that contribute to its cause which are exercise, nutrition, and psycho-emotional stress.

Living a sedentary or inactive lifestyle can contribute to Back Pain. Exercise can greatly help the body. Like the muscles, if you do not do the right activity, can lead to muscle disintegration that is called atrophy.

The muscles at the back and neck, particularly should be made flexible by repetitive exercise or stretching.

When the back and neck is suddenly subjected to sudden movement or physical stress, the back cannot cope and muscles are strained.

Any of these sets of muscles at work or play can also cause strain in the muscles.

Nutrition is also an important factor to prevent Back Pain. Most people who think they should loose fat and engage in zero fat or low protein can wreck havoc to their health.

The body is build up with muscles which needs fats and proteins to function well. Also too much consumption of fat can add up levels of cholesterol in your body and too much proteins can actually cause ketoacidosis which is the disintegration of muscles and leads not only to Back Pain but arthritis and many other muscle related diseases as well.

So balance your diet and watch out for too many salt and sugar in your diet too.

Emotional or psychological stress can really break your back, so to speak. Due to the stressful condition, you might be bearing, you will more likely lose sleep or forget to rest thinking about your problems.

You might not be aware of it but you are slowly contributing to the inevitable Back Pain in the coming months. Stress hormones can cause pain sensation just as studies have shown and happy hormones are natural analgesic. So avoid feeling low, depressed, or frustrated so your back would not have to bear the painful consequences.

So how do you manage a chronic Back Pain? Simple, live a healthy lifestyle. Think about it.

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  • It’s a very informative article. This article helped me understand a lot of things about back pain issues and also have a important things to recognise for those have back pain like what are the causes and how to prevent it.

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