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It’s normal to feel anxious about staying in the hospital, especially during this pandemic or if you have never stayed in hospital before. Please know you’re not alone. You will have an entire healthcare team focused on your safety and well-being. I will give you some basic information about how you can be prepared for the admission. This information will be useful for you and your family.

What personal items do I bring?

You will only need essential items, such as
Face mask and sterillium rub
Sleepwear – Comfortable clothing that you will use at home
Any equipment used in your care (i.e., crutches, prosthetics, C-pap machine, hearing aids, eyeglasses, etc.)
Should you need any additional personal care items, these can be purchased in or around the hospital.
A list of all medications, supplements or herbals, including dosages
All previous notes, files and folders
You MRI/CT or X-rays in CD and film
Any referral letter from your referring doctor
Admission slip and recent blood results if any

What shouldn't I bring?

You will NOT need items, such as
Large sums of money
Don’t wear expensive Jewelry and bring the bear essential
If you are admitted without advance preparation, ask family members or friends to take home your jewelry Other valuables – electronics, laptops, iPods and iPads should be avoided while in the hospital. Though we have cameras and safety in hospital, sometimes lost items cannot be replaced and the medical team will not take responsibility for lost or stolen items. This is really for safety reasons

When do I come to the hospital?

Normally we will let you know the time to get admitted but it is always worth calling the spine specialist nurse, secretary or hospital admission staff to get more information. Usually admission will be one or two days before surgery and this depends on the individual circumstances based on the seriousness of your condition, distance from home, general fitness and a lot of other reasons. We will try to admit you as close as possible to your surgery and rarely on the morning of surgery sometimes.

How long does the admission process take?

We take all efforts to admit you at the earliest time possible. This can take anything from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Planning ahead helps in shortening the time of admission and, we need your full corporation for this.
Admission Processes Dependents On The Multiple Factors
Bed availability in the hospital
If you need additional tests to prepare you for surgery
If you need to see other doctors and specialists before admission
Anaesthetic work up and consultation before surgery
Sometimes it is very frustrating to wait for a long time to get into a room and bed especially when you are in a lot of pain. Everyone in the hospital and the staff fully understand your situation and do everything possible to get you to a comfortable bed soon, but sometimes we are very helpless as admission is depended on multiple factors. It is a very important process of your treatment as there are many safety checks needed to get you a comfortable room. Please bear with the staff and don’t show your frustration. If there is a serious problem you can always contact me.
Dr. G. Balamurali
Dr. G. Balamurali is one of the leading spine surgeons in Chennai, India. He is internationally trained in all niche aspects of Spine Surgery. He has over 26 years of surgical experience in this field.
Kauvery Hospital
No 199, Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004
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