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One of the best Spine surgeons in India who gives details of the illness and available treatment options. I have had him two times in my India trips and couldn't see him once again because of Covid-19 restrictions. May God bless you Dr!

Md Shahidulla Kaiser
Very experienced and humble doctor. Excellent spine treatment in Chennai.
Gibbs M

மருத்துவர் பாலமுரளி சார் 🙏

உயிர் காக்கும்
உன்னத சேவையை
உயிர் மூச்சாக
மருத்துவரே...... 🙏🙏

அறிவு கொடுக்கும் ஆசானும்
பிணி நீக்கும் மருத்துவனும்
கடவுளென நாங்கள் தினம் வணங்குகின்றோம்....... 🙏🙏

அசராமல் மருந்து கொடுக்கின்றன
உங்கள் மருத்துவ அறிவுகள்.... 🙏🙏

எங்கள் குழந்தைக்கு கிடைத்த மருத்துவ சேவை போல
எந்நாளும் பிறர் குழந்தைகளுக்கும் உங்கள் மகத்தான மருத்துவ சேவை தேவை தான்..... 🙏🙏

உங்களுடைய நலம் தான்
எங்களையும் நலமாக்கும்..... 🙏🙏

இந்நாள் போல எந்நாளும்
உங்கள் பணி தொடர
மனதார வாழ்த்துகிறோம் பாலமுரளி சார்.......🙏🙏🙏

நன்றி : காவேரி மருத்துவமணை 🙏

Father Of #Karthiga_Sri

He is an amazing doctor. He has given me a new life.

I am 30 years old, I have done TLIF fusion surgery L4L5 from him, and I am completely fine now. I was bed ridden and ,also there was a mashup in my spine for some wrong treatment.

I had PLID pain for L4L5 herniated disc. I went for ozone discectomy outside.2ndary infection develop and there was a oedema in my intervertebral space. I went to doctor balamurali with unabilty to walking,
cant seat,
cant stand,
cant lie down for severe pain
Cant not seat low
and high CRP level.

doctor corrected all the mashup and I started walking just after Operation. after that 1 month iv antibiotics continued under his supervision.
after that I have
zero pain in lumber area,
no radiating pain to the leg,
I can freely band to down
Can seat into floor
he has given me proper guidelines for physiotherapy which helped me to strengthen my muscle.,

still he take care of my health.

good spine team, best doctor of my life. I will be grateful to sir in my whole life. I remember him during my prayer. We can not see god, but at that time dr.balamurali came to me as God. Anybody can depends on him for neuro and spine treatment with close eyes.🙂

Tithi Dutta

I wish to relay the course of events and my experiences in Kauvery Hospital

On Dec.12th 2016 as cyclone Vardah was raging, I had to come out of the house when a branch from a Mimosa tree fell with great force and hit my umbrella. This impact knocked me off my feet and I fell to the ground. My family was quick enough to call for an ambulance. Kauvery hospital sent their Ambulance and I was gingerly lifted and brought into the ER where I was assessed for the extent of injury (with no waste of time) as time was of essence.

A C-1 fracture and a cerebral hemorrhage were identified and I was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit despite hectic Hospital routines.I received very good care but what is significant is that the Medical team decided against surgery and planned to keep a watchful eye on the self-healing process of the fracture and hematoma in the hope that there would be a natural healing process. By God's Grace, the healing seemed to have progressed as per Dr. Balamurali's expectations and as evidenced by the diligently programmed follow-up CAT-Scans.

It is now three months and the collar the Hospital customized for me seems to have helped as each subsequent CAT-Scan has been showing progress (albeit slow, perhaps to my age of 73!) and the bones seem to be fusing together.
They all pepped up my spirits and I thank the Almighty for bringing me to Kauvery Hospital at my dire time of need.
I wish to applaud Dr.Balamurali's navigating skills.

The care given by the following Doctors and of course the Hospital nurses and staff have to be lauded as the level of care given by my family was matched at a professional level:

Dr.Balamurali- he was recommended to my son by his medical colleagues at John's Hopkins and has helped to shine the guiding light so ably
Dr.Vignesh who also brought Mr Shanmugasundaram to customize my collar
Dr.Vignesh whose cheerful words of advice brought so much positivity Who would have thought that a branch falling on my head and causing a fracture could have carefully been monitored into the healing phase without the negative balance (even if temporary) that surgery could have created.


Dr Padmini Balagopal

I wanted to consult about the problem I had In my back called scoliosis. I was advised only for a surgery but I wanted a second opinion, hence I came to Kauvery hospital to meet both the spine specialists and that’s when I first met Dr. Balamurali during January ’18. He sat me through the whole process of the surgery and the complications that I had in my spine in the most detailed way possible. He also made sure that he asked me a lot of questions to mainly understand as to why I was wanting to get this surgery done.

My parents and I had a few more meeting during the following months before the surgery with Dr. Balamurali with our X-rays, MRI and CT scans and during every meeting he patiently listened to all our doubts and worries and gave the most sincere and factual answers.

This gave me the confidence to go ahead and fix my surgery date to get it done ASAP. On 5th April’18 I underwent the scoliosis correction surgery. It was a 10 hour major surgery done by the brilliant spine specialists team of kauvery hospital. Dr. Balamurali was this doctor who I completely relied on and gave my life in his hands to make sure everything went right for me. He always understood the fear and the anxiety I had during this whole process and made sure that he passed on the calmness n poise he carries everywhere, to me as well.

Having in mind that I’m still a 22 y/o girl he was very thoughtful by investing some more time and getting dissolvable stitches done for me during the end of the surgery which made sure that the scar is comparatively not very evident.

He was one of my greatest support during the whole process and helped me get through it. Words cannot explain what a great job has been done for my back by the doctors and the technology that they used (neuromonitoring) during the whole surgery.

Once I got shifted to the ICU, in the next 2-3 days Dr. Balamurali made sure I stood up and took a few steps, after which on the 4th day they shifted me to the ward and made sure I started my rehab in the hospital where I was also made to walk for at least 5-10 minutes in the corridors everyday. I got discharged in a week and I was advised to take good rest. I had regular checkup’s with the doctors once in week, which changed to once in a month and now it’s once in 6 months before I got the clearance from the doctors to start my routine life. I had 4 months of complete rest with rehab and now I have started to work. Therefore I’m repeating again but words cannot describe how thankful I am to all the doctors who treated me.

Dr. Balamurali is someone who I’m definitely gifted to have in my life now. Every meet with him just gave me more confidence about myself. Thank you so much doctor for giving me all the support, care and the power to have gone through this. I’m forever grateful.

Anjana Ramesh

First of all, i would like to extend my heartfelt thankfulness to the entire team of Kauvery Hospital, Chennai.

I must say i was in a lot of distress considering the case of my mother and the complications involved in the surgery, and thus was in a lot of dilemma regarding which hospital should i prefer.

But after i saw the reviews and the hospital facility in person, i was relieved a lot. I must say the facility at reception understood my case very well and extended all sorts of support before hospitalization that made me feel the decision I am gonna take is utmost right. Not to mention that the post hospitalization procedures and facilities were smooth and impressive indeed.

In fact the surgeons (Dr. Balamurali and Dr. Vignesh Pushparaj) deliberated me with the case very promptly and assured me with all his best experiences. Fortunately the surgery went very well and my mother (the patient ) could start walking on her own from the next evening the surgery was performed. She is doing well these days and i feel greatly obliged to have made such a decision.

Lastly I must say i recommend the surgeons and the hospital for those who are in need.


I developed the most excruciating pain on my left leg when I was in Chennai. Google suggested that the best doctors for my case would be situated at Kauvery Hospital. Initially I met Dr Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran who on examining me thoroughly referred me to Dr Balamurali, a Spine Specialist.

To a medically illiterate person like myself, it sounded like Latin, but Dr Balamurali explained in detail about my situation and the possible methods of fixing the severe sciatic pain I had; each method, it's probability of recurrence, duration and recovery time. Minimally Invasive Lumbar Discectomy, it was!

His efficient team coordinated the surgery and there I was on the operating table. I woke up three hours after the operation and Dr Balamurali very pleasingly said the surgery was a success and showed me the 'stuff' that he pulled out of my spine. I walked around my room, to the toilet etc, with no help and in fact on pain. I think a lot of a person's pain, in any region vanishes through the way a doctor explains and assures you.

Dr Balamurali was not just pleasing but boosted a lot of confidence and was able to communicate with a patient at their level. Such personalities, initially can cure a patient psychologically - which removes a big chunk of the problem, and then the problem itself. Life is so short, why suffer with it when you know there is a solution. The spine is the most important in our body, literally the one that holds us together.

I flew back to Melbourne with ease and no medication and am being the 'fun' mom to my six-year-old! You can trust this team at Kauvery and give your Spine, not Whine and finally Wine and Dine when everything is just Fine!

Sri Raman-Sankrith
Victoria, Australia

My Dad ,Aged 58 , was suffering from severe nerve compression due to l4-l5 disc bulge. He wasn't able to walk for more than 10 mins after which the pain radiates towards his limb. He started losing his toe strength and numbness tingled his foot.

We came to know about Dr.Balamurali sir and his team from Kauvey hospital. His welcoming nature and care for my dad gave a confidence to go ahead with MIS keyhole surgery. He is not just a doctor but a great human.

My dad had been given extra care since he has undergone bypass surgery before 10 years.

Special thanks to Dr. Kirtivasan for his patience in clarifying all the queries and giving confidence in surgery related fears.

Thanks to Geetha mam and Nithya mam from Balamurali sirs team for making the surgery done safe and well scheduled.

Nithya mam never even hesitates to pick our calls for any post surgery related queries.

Siva S

I consulted Dr Balamurali for chronic lower back ache and radiating pain in the right leg. ( Spondylolisthesis with radiculopathy - nerve compression).

Dr Balamurali did a fantastic job and executed the TLIF Lumbar spinal fusion with perfection through MIS ( Minimally invasive surgery using navigation).

He has certainly mastered MIS technique and the main advantage being lesser morbidity, lesser hospital stay and faster recovery. He explains procedure, risks, benefits and complications very clearly and is very diligent in his care.

I have ZERO pain in the right leg and am four weeks post operative now on the road to recovery. I am grateful to him and his efficient team ( Dr Keerthivasan and Dr Vignesh ) for their excellent care.

Being a surgeon myself I strongly recommend Dr G Balamurali for treatment-surgery for any issue with the spine. He is indeed a master of MIS. Wish you well in all your endeavours Doc and many thanks again.

Ashok Ramadorai

We had a very pleasant experience with Dr.Balamurali (Neurology & Neurosurgery) in Kauvery Hospital. My Mom (Age:58) had severe L5-S1 leg pain(Mechanical nerve compression).

After further discussion with Dr.Balamurali, he asked us to go for MSI Spine surgery based on MRI scan report. We decided and went to "Spine-MSI surgery" done by Dr. Balamurali in Kauvery Hospital.

The Dr.Balamurali is very professional, he takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice, It's not easy to find a good Neurosurgeon.

The Dr.Balamurali and her staff were extremely professional. I highly recommend Dr. Balamurali and her staff in Kauvery hospital for Spine-Surgery.

Anbarasan Dhanapal

I had a severe lower back pain, and could not walk. I Went to an Ortho doctor in Bangalore to treat my lower back pain, and was asked to buy a lower back belt (worth 1200 INR) for 3500 INR. Doctor did not pay enough attention to the problem, and only one Xray with one view was taken. Also, by wearing this belt for months, my back muscle was not strengthening and was getting skin irritation. There was no improvement.

Finally I met Dr Balamurali, who asked me to do an MRI and he just asked me to throw away the belt, and to start exercising !! he suggested life style changes, and analyzed the Scan & problem very precisely. Once I threw away the belt, and started walking and exercising, then the back muscle got strengthened.. I would always be grateful to
Dr. Balamurali. He is just great & quite a Genius.

Viswanathan Sankaran

I had a congential scoliosis and I have developed complication due to spine problem and not able to walk at the age of 30 years. Consulted many doctors but they did not give hope and appropriate suggestion for further treatment. But Dr. Balamurali sir had gave me the hope and done the surgery after that I have returned to normal life. Dr. Balamurali is a excellent doctor and his team is also excellent. I have to thank a lot to sir in my life long.

Soni Subramani

It is exactly one year today (28thOct) since I had the TLIF MIS with Dr Balamurali .
I have had a pain free one year , am back running and operating on my patients pain free.
I wish to acknowledge his good work and thank his team.
Thank you.
Dr Ashok Ramadorai
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

First Impressions Dental clinic

My mother in law aged 80 was suffering from severe back pain from past two months.

We consulted so many doctors but no use...finally we known to come About Dr.Balamurali, Dr. keerthivasan and his excellent Team.

After knowing our poor finance status they gave local Anastasia instead of general Anastasia....made more easy and reasonable....kauvery hospital service is excellent....I proud about Dr Balamurali and his excellence Team.

My mother in law is so happy nd healthy...Thank u

Hemavathi Babu

We live in an era where the more alphabets after a person's name, the more qualified and efficient a person is. While Dr. Balamurali has all those, he has the most important trait of positivity.

He can make anything look like it's simple and successfully tackle the issue while making you not lose hope. His pleasing personality can do most of the curing on its own.

You are guaranteed walking out of his room with a feeling of confidence. His entire team is trained this way, right from Dr. Keerthi, Ms. Geetha, Ms. Nithya and crew.

Google did me the most amazing thing by suggesting Dr. Balamurali. Thanks Doctor. We are blessed to have you and your team:)

Sankrith R

Dr. Balamurali and his team are outstanding. They successfully completed a double operation on my mother's spine which took close to 8 hours. She is recovering very well now.

Aashique Iqbal

Dr. Balamurali is an excellent surgeon ! He is very patient and detailed in his counseling which makes the patient very confident going in to surgery . Post-op follow up and patient care both by him and his multi-disciplinary team is highly commendable. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a neuro/spinal surgeon.

Dr. Deepika Chivukula

Dr G Balamurali sir is one of the best nuero surgeons who diagnosis the illness very accurate n treat the patient very professional in manner. He and his team Dr. Keerthinivasan, Geetha, Nitya n others are amazing n will make you complacent. All these words are out of our personal experience. Regards

Roop Kumar

At first , I want to introduce myself. My name is Thura Paing Soe and I'm from Burma ( Myanmar ).I did medical check up for my mother. I knew exactly that your hospital is really amazing in services, caring, patient of your staffs, staff nurses, also doctors. That's why I want to show my satisfactory of these people. Dr. Kavitha, Receptionist Divya, Sister Monica

Thura Paing Soe

My dad aged 88 years was treated by Dr Balamurali. Dad is doing good now. Thanks Dr and the Team for the excellent service. God bless

Shivshankar Agencies
I had pain in neck and both the hand since four months after getting spin surgery by Dr. Balamurali sir, I am feeling good and no pain in my neck and both the hands. My sincere thanks to Dr. Balamurali sir and his entire team.
Venkat Nathan

I went here for a neck pain. Doctor was perfect in diagnosing and he gave no tablets. Now I am over it.
Good doctor who listen to you with patience.

Shrini S

I went to G Bala Murali by mid December'2018, so far i have found to him as well as his spine team they all are absolutely fantastic, i got more than my desired, it my great experience.

Tarun Saha

I feel I'm not sick anymore .I would recommend anyone with Spine problems to consult him. He gives you his time and leads you out of your pain.

Punitha Jones

Dr BalaMurali and the entire spine team is excellent. They take care of a patients need at every point and answers all their queries with enthusiasm and patience.


Very polite person. Very good doctor. Kind at heart. The way he's treating the patient is so good.

Jayanthi Balaraman

I am very thankful to Dr. Balamurali for his treatment, his constant support and care.

Shani Najeeb

So happy that I got an opportunity to participate in the "Awareness session on back and neck problems & work from home challenges "conducted by Dr Balamurali.

The one hour session was packed with so much of information about the spine,body posture and the science behind it.

Especially the slides on the stress levels during our different postures was very informative .

Hearing the common myths busted by a top neurosurgeon was effective and more trustful than reading an article or watching a video on do's and don'ts during back and neck pain.

Thank you for the wonderful session

Gayathri Nagarajan
Dr. G. Balamurali is one of the leading spine surgeons in Chennai, India. He is internationally trained in all niche aspects of Spine Surgery. He has over 26 years of surgical experience in this field.
Kauvery Hospital
(2nd Floor), 81, TTK Road Junction, Alwarpet, Chennai– 600004
Tamilnadu, India

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