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Discharge Instructions After Spine Surgery

Congratulations! You are ready for discharge.
Please read below for your instructions.
Remember Your Spine Precautions
No Bending or twisting
No Driving
No Heavy Lifting
No Pulling/Pushing
No Sitting for long periods
What You Can Do
Avoid complete bed rest, this will slow your recovery
Sit only for eating and toilets in the first week
Walk in your room or house frequently after discharge
Walk outside house with company after 2 – 3 weeks
Eat normal diet

Wound Care

Your incision may have dissolvable sutures or removable sutures or staples. If you have:
Dissolvable sutures – You don’t need to do anything but let it open to air after 14 days or if the would is healed well.
Removable sutures or staples – They will be removed during your follow-up visit on the 10th or 14th day

Dressing The Wound

If your incision is covered with gauze: Keep it covered until 10 – 14 days after your surgery. After discharge, it needs changing alternate days and your family member can do. Once the sutures are removed then you may leave it open to air if completely dry after a doctor or nurse has confirmed.

Pain Control

Pain killer prescription will be given at the time of discharge. In most cases, 1-2 tablets taken every 6-8 hourly are sufficient for relief. Most patients need this only for the first two weeks following surgery. You should reduce or discontinue this medication as pain decreases. Do not take self prescribed medication from the pharmacy.


Pain medicines and anesthesia can cause constipation. If you experience constipation you can try any or all of the following: gentle physical activity, drinking plenty of fluids, taking stool softeners or laxative medication, normal diet with more fibre, fruits and vegetables etc. Avoid getting constipation and ask for help. It will improve over time.


You may shower 10-14 days after your surgery, let water run on incision and pat dry.
Do not apply lotion or soap to incision

Follow Up Visit

Your first post-operative visit will be for a wound evaluation and to further discuss post-operative care and instructions. If you have sutures to remove you will be seen between the 7-14th days of discharge. A home visit nurse whom we can send or your local doctor can do this. After this appointment Dr.Balamurali will see you for follow-up at 4-6 weeks following surgery. Further advice on physiotherapy and life style will be discussed then.
Notify Your Surgeon
If you have:
Fever, chills or night sweats
Persistent drainage from your incision either clear or bloody
Opening of your incision
New onset pain or weakness
Sudden loss of bowel or bladder function
Call Our Hospital Helpline Or Emergency Number.
+044 40006000 (24 hrs) or +91 8754456711 / +91 7823977055 (9.00 am – 6.00 pm)
Dr. G. Balamurali
Dr. G. Balamurali is one of the leading spine surgeons in Chennai, India. He is internationally trained in all niche aspects of Spine Surgery. He has over 26 years of surgical experience in this field.
Kauvery Hospital
No 199, Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004
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