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April 5, 2022
Dr. G. Balamurali

Depression is real. It is a mental state of mind that has to be taken seriously. Depression comes with definitive symptoms. It is important to read and analyze them and seek help. Depression varies from person to person and not everyone requires medication or constant observation.

But the best news is that everyone can opt for choices better than medication to deal with depression. We are talking about complete lifestyle changes that are easy, affordable, have less or almost no risk factors, and are affordable. We are talking about meditation, yoga, physical activity, hobbies, social connectivity, better nutrition, and a broader outlook on life.

However, it is important to note that those who are on medication should NEVER stop taking them without proper guidance from a medical practitioner.

Healthier Wellness Options

The following are healthier techniques to fight the depression that is supported and recommended by doctors and scientific researchers. These well-studied interventions should become a part of daily life for optimized benefits.

1. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is the most powerful and effective antidepressant. People with depression cannot just seamlessly become physically active. To make it easy for them, exercises are recommended in “doses”. Taking it slow and steady is the key. A couple of miles of walking per day is the first step to commencing a proper exercise schedule. For people who find this challenging, they can start off with 15 minutes of physical activity per day. Being consistent is the key to making the most of physical activity to beat depression.

2. Meditation and Yoga

Why is yoga a good choice? Unlike cardio and aerobic exercises, yoga is slower in intensity and involves a lot of stretching and breathing techniques. These techniques are remarkable in controlling anxiety and panic- two important symptoms of depression. Meditation has proved to delay episodes of depression.

3. Healthier Food Choices

Depression can lead to two extremes: binge-eating or starvation. Food can become a constant source of solace or it can be the most hated thing. Either way, it does not benefit the overall health of the body. A balanced diet with careful thought to the consumption of food is said to have long-lasting benefits for those with depression.

Choices With Lasting Benefits

4. Social Interaction

Aloofness and isolation are marked characteristics of depression. Social connection plays a pivotal role in alleviating mood and instilling confidence and self-esteem. The options of social connection are endless- going out for a meal, movie, or just for a cup of coffee, strolling in the park, or involving oneself in group activities. The choice is yours. What’s important here is to stay connected with like-minded people who will boost your morale.

It is also very important to have someone to talk to rather than burying all the feelings and worries.

5. Ample Sleep

Sleep can never be underestimated. A good night’s sleep will provide remarkable clarity of thought and action, rationality, and a sense of positivity to beat the odds. People often think that loss of sleep for one night can be balanced by oversleeping the next day. But that is not how it works. Balanced sleep is key to honing skills to overcome depression.

Depression can be debilitating. But a good counselor can always give you the right guidance. Psychological Therapy can do wonders to bring you back from the depths of depression. Hamsa Spine and Brain Rehab have the most professionally trained counselors who will do just that. Come to Hamsa or call us to know more.

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