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Scoliosis and Its Connection With Puberty

February 19, 2020
Dr. G. Balamurali

Importance of scoliosis awareness at schools

Scoliosis is a bone defect that is easily identified by the significant curvature of the spine bones. Though almost 3% of adolescent children suffer from this deformity, the awareness level of scoliosis is deficient in India. scoliosis shows its apparent symptoms when children reach puberty. Majority of the scoliosis effects are mild, and early detection can immensely reduce the impact. Many corrective surgeries and treatment options are available for scoliosis worldwide, and hence, it is essential to raise awareness about the disease and the treatment methods. You can always get the expert opinion of a spine surgeon in Chennai, India to know more about the treatment methods you can opt for

Scoliosis awareness in India and NGO works

Mohammad Faisal Nawaz is the founder of Scoliosis India, an NGO that raises awareness about Scoliosis and Kyphoscoliosis. He started this initiative to spread adequate knowledge about the disease as well as the latest technologies and expertise associated with scoliosis. Faisal had a traumatic experience with a severe spine curve, and several failed non-instrumental surgeries had made him bid ridden for months together. He had put his life back to normalcy after Ribs Costocomy and Instrumental Spine Surgery from Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, in 2012. The experiences led Faisal to discover India’s lack of awareness about scoliosis and that motivated him to gather several like-minded scoliosis patients on board to spread awareness.

Scoliosis India’s web initiative, which is also India’s first accessible website on scoliosis, is quite vocal about the efficacy of early screening to treat scoliosis. Faisal has already submitted a plea to the Delhi High court to start screening for scoliosis in schools. Dr. Vidyadhar, a strong advocate of early screening programs for scoliosis in India, emphasizes that the scoliosis screening at school is critical for active recovery from scoliosis. According to him, lack of awareness among patients can lead to neglected cases of Kyphoscoliosis and irreversible restrictive lung diseases.

Sommya, a medical student and also a key member of Scoliosis India, emphasizes the importance of screening for scoliosis, especially amongst girls, who are the most affected according to the stats. She says that detecting scoliosis at the right time is critical as the consequences can be fatal. She also adds that a bent and rotated spine can severely impair the lung and heart functions as well.

Apart from the web initiative, Scoliosis India has been successful in building a community of supportive scoliosis warriors. The NGO also integrates certified and expert groups of spine surgeons, physical therapists, chest medicine, psychologists, yoga, and several other medical fraternities under one roof. They work together to provide the required counseling and financial aids for needy Scoliosis patients. The website also updates regularly about global technical advancement and research in spine correction.

How to detect scoliosis among kids?

If you are a concerned parent who wishes to know the signs of scoliosis in their children, please follow the simple screening mentioned below.

    • Bend the child forward and put your hands on the right and left side of the child’s chest. If your one hand is higher than the other is, then there is a possibility of scoliosis.
    • Similarly, repeat the process in the lumbar spine as well and check for the symptoms of scoliosis.

Scoliosis cannot be prevented. But as a parent, you must also motivate your child to the right path by narrating the experiences of famous scoliosis warriors who have risen to success despite their limitations. Miss Ira Singhal (First Topper with Scoliosis in UPSC Civil Service Exam of 2015) is an ideal inspiration for the entire community, who has proved that limitations cannot deter the quality of life, and a timely diagnosis can surely help you to achieve your goal no matter what.

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